Why I Love the Struggle

Mark Metry
1 min readNov 4, 2017

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I love facing hardship and bad events. It took me a while to realize this about myself but I would rather be in pain than have everything go as planned!


I have learned to face the pain and use it for the development of my character. Without struggle, life is boring and meaningless.

I would like to share a wonderful perspective brought by Abraham Twerski. His video made me completely rethink the way I view stress.

The lobster is a soft creature that lives in a hard shell. When the lobster grows, its shell becomes smaller and smaller. Lobsters feel uncomfortable and caged in.

The lobster hides under a rock and removes its shell and creates a new shell. A spacious shell for the time being… until it also becomes too small, which is when the entire process repeats itself.

The stimuli for the lobster to grow is stress.

Embrace the pain and let it grow your character.



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