VRARA — Boston Chapter (Virtual Reality / Augmented Reality)

I had the honor of attending the VR/AR Association last Tuesday, February 7, 2017. Here are my thoughts and my overall experience attending the industry conference.

The conference was generously hosted by Wayfair at their Headquarters in Copley Place, Boston, Massachusetts.

The event started off with a few talks from various industry leaders and then transitioned to a demonstration and networking session.


Multiple Beer Taps + Crazy Dough Pizza = Terrific Combo

What is the VR/AR Association?

Connecting Customers with Solution Providers

The VRARA is focused on creating a member community of not only VR and AR solution providers and content creators, but also having a large percentage of members being the brands and customers of VR and AR. This serves to accelerate networking, and sharing of knowledge through case studies.

Creating the Best Experiences and Accelerating Efficient Growth

By connecting cross vertical knowledge at a global scale, the VRARA helps members accelerate their go-to-market strategy. If you’re a brand or enterprise looking to deploy a VR or AR solution, there are now thousands of solution providers globally. The VRARA can help you learn from case studies and connect you with the best solution providers for your use case.

There are a plethora of benefits to joining the VRARA for Corporations, Companies, Start-Ups, Academic Institutions, and even individuals.

Member Benefits:

  • VRARA staff around the world in major cities to help you with business development, marketing, and events
  • Participation in Industry Committees on research, white papers, best practices
  • Unlimited attendee passes for all chapter events
  • Discounts to 3rd party events such as VRAR World, AWE, VRDC, VR2020, ITC, VR Summit, VRX, CVR, Immersive Tech and many more!
  • Unlimited access to research reports and publications generated by the VRARA
  • Discounts on paid 3rd party research when available
  • Get featured in the VRARA Blog, Webcast, YouTube show, and Podcast
  • VRARA and partner speaking opportunities
  • Opportunities to sponsor bi-monthly events and special events, and feature your company on the Association email newsletter
  • Introductions to VCs and angel investors
  • Access to VR AR job board for free postings

VRARA Boston Chapter Team

Mike Festa

Mike leads Wayfair’s research and development team, Wayfair Next, where he spearheads developments in AR, VR and 3D scanning. Also, he is the founder of Makefield.org — the virtual world that anyone can edit. Mike has a B.S. in Computer Science from The George Washington University, and studied Computer Science at the United States Air Force Academy.

“The current AR/VR market is not that big. It will be, so let’s get ahead of the curve. Content creation is a core element to think about when getting in this space.” — Mike Festa

John Werner

John is a Vice President of Strategic Partnerships at Meta. Partnerships are core and a key strategy for competitive advantage for Meta. Meta strives to exceed expectations of what Augmented Reality can be — and do — in the future.

AR in Action: Upcoming Events

AR in Action will be held in NYC this Summer 2017.

The 2018 AR in Action event will be held in Boston, January 2018.

Demonstrations at VRARA Boston:

presents shopping for your home like you’ve never seen it before! Exclusive to Google Project Tango, WayfairView uses AR (Augmented Reality) technology to place real products from Wayfair’s extensive catalog in any room — on a 1:1 scale that moves and changes perspective with you.

Wayfair Patio Playground

allows shoppers to immerse themselves in an inspirational landscape, where they can explore, rearrange, and discover furniture and décor from Wayfair’s catalog.

Meta AR Headset: The Better Version of Microsoft’s HoloLens

Meta 2 includes a full 90-degree field of view and 2560 x 1440 high-dpi display, allowing for more information to be displayed and reducing the amount of effort needed to divide your attention between the real and augmented virtual world — ultimately creating a more immersive AR experience.

Hands are the tools people use to engage with their environments, and the Meta 2 enables you to leverage your hands to interact with holographic apps. The sensor array on the headset makes positional tracking possible to see, grab, and move holograms just like physical objects.

The included Meta 2 SDK is built on top of the most popular 3D engine in the world. The SDK includes SLAM, hands interaction tracking, occlusion, collaboration, neuro interface design guidelines, example code, apps, documentation, and support. Join the largest community of AR developers in the world.


We’ve seen a tremendous amount of disruptive change coming from the Virtual Reality Industry. It is surely certain that this kind of content will accelerate based on trends in the future.

You most likely have some other VR ideas that can change the world! Share them with us on social media!

Originally published at www.vudream.com.



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