VR is Revolutionizing Trauma Training at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles

AiSolve, the UK-based specialist in artificial intelligence (AI) powered virtual reality (VR), Bioflight VR, the Hollywood-based VFX specialist, and Children’s Hospital Los Angeles have collaborated to deliver breakthrough intelligent and responsive VR training for emergency pediatric trauma situations.

Supported by social media giant Facebook, it is a transformational initiative using an Oculus Rift headset and Touch controllers designed not only for consumer applications but also for social and enterprise training for healthcare and beyond.

Like most industries, with skills shortages and budget cuts, the healthcare sector has seen significant changes in its delivery model in the last few years. With a growing shortage of skilled physicians and surgeons and fewer care givers and medical assistants, this sector is facing a serious skills shortage.

“The aim of this is to prepare medical staff with the most realistic environment possible so that they experience the fast-moving, life-and-death, decision-making process multiple times and create strategies to make fast and accurate decisions for when children’s lives are in the balance. Through our collaboration with Oculus, Facebook and BioflightVR, we feel we’ve created the most realistic and immersive educational tool for healthcare providers that’s ever been developed.”

– Devi Kolli, CEO of AiSolve

For Children’s Hospital Los Angeles, AiSolve, Oculus and Bioflight have delivered a VR simulation project to create more cost-effective, realistic and reliable training of real-life trauma situations. Rather than use mannequins — the traditional method for such training — students can now don VR headsets and experience emergency care scenarios in a virtual environment that looks and feels like a real-life scenario.

This is particularly important for pediatric care because doctors and nurses are often battling to save children’s lives in a shorter time window than for adults.



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