The Best 15+ Free Virtual Reality Apps for Education

1. Public Speaking VR

Public Speaking VR provides a realistic VR training platform for job interviews and public speaking events, allowing you to master your speaking skills. Get a Virtual Reality headset here, and conquer your fears, whether it is for a TED talk, best man speech at a wedding, presentation at a conference or that interview at Google — we have you covered!

2. History View VR

HistoryView VR is the educational platform for teachers & students to access 3D Virtual Reality Field Trips powered by Matterport. Working with museums and historical sites, HistoryView is able to share historical experiences and bring history to life for classrooms worldwide. In connection with Matterport’s state of the art technology, HistoryView is able to create virtual reality field trips for education and digitally preserve anthropology.

3. Language VR

Immerse yourself in the culture and language of a different country through virtual reality. Experience Culture and Travel around the world with beautiful 360 images of different landmarks and locations. Learn Vocabulary more quickly with the visual word association in our photo-realistic environments. Listen to Audiobooks to enhance your learning and pronunciations. Roleplay Situations by practicing ordering a meal, giving a speech, booking a hotel and much more.

4. Virry Educational

Virry is a fun and educational wildlife experience that uses live stream cameras across the world and now 360/VR to allow children as close to a real safari as you can get without actually being there. Virry immerses kids in the lives of wild animals, encouraging discovery, empathy, and problem-solving. It is a unique way to let kids aged 3 and up virtually interact with real animals, feeding, playing and caring for them in their natural habitats. All the while helping them to better understand nature, conservation and the world around them.

5. MoleculE VR

VR breaks the borders of reality and takes you everywhere! Now with MoleculE VR you can even explore the basic unit of Life.

  • supporting and integrating classic teaching;
  • expressing complex concepts of Biology and Medicinal Chemistry;
  • enhancing mnemonic techniques through a visual and interactive format.

6. Flashcard VR

Flashcard VR for Google Cardboard takes you from the reality of sitting at a desk, flipping mind numbing flashcards and transports you into a fascinating electronic world where learning is a side effect of the experience.

7. Udacity VR

This one isn’t so much about the app and more of what the app shows off.

8. Titans of Space

A deep-dive tour through our Solar System, and then takes you beyond that. The primary aim is to gain new perspective on what our universe actually looks like by taking advantage of the increased spatial awareness made possible by modern VR. A secondary aim is to entertain the player with music and exciting visuals that are otherwise probably impossible to experience in our lifetime.

9. Eon Experience VR

EON Experience VR is a service for viewing interactive Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality applications on your phone. The EON Experience VR application delivers an exceptional AR/VR experience anywhere, anytime.

10. Stereogram

Stereogram uses Google Cardboard to present vivid 3D images from history.

  • Search over 40,000 historical stereographs by voice
  • Browse popular images from Stereogranimator.
  • Curate your own list of favorite stereographs.
  • View 3D images of your own

11. VR Showcase

Explore award-winning, immersive VR experiences from your VR ready device.

12. Polar Sea 360

Polar Sea 360° is a 10 part television series and interactive journey that follows sailors, scientists, hunters and artists on a journey through the Arctic’s Northwest Passage.

13. Anatomyou

Anatomyou VR is an immersive 3D-stereo app to learn human body’s anatomy focused in minimally invasive techniques. The app shows, using virtual immersive 3D navigation on a mobile device, the anatomical structures of various systems of the human body browsed at the minimally invasive procedures.

14. Cleanopolis VR

Captain Clean needs your help. Your mission if you accept it is to fight against climate change and make sure the city of Cleanopolis get rid of its CO2 cloud.

15. 360° Learning Demo

Delve into the future of learning! In this tts 360° Learning Demo you can explore an office in search for potential information security risks. Look around carefully! Information security does not only concern your PC…treasures can even be found in the waste basket!


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