Fragility of Life (Near Death Experience)

Mark Metry
2 min readNov 1, 2017

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Yesterday I was taking a walk with one of my friends in Boston.

Toward the end of our trip we had to walk across a street. We waited for the crosswalk sign to tell us to walk. As we cross the street I look to my left and see a van coming toward us. Instead of braking sounds I hear the van accelerate rapidly.

Out of instinct my friend and I leap in front to dodge the van. There was a lady to our side that got her elbow brushed by the van.

The van drove off immediately.

My friend and I including the lady were completely stunned at what just happened.

It didn’t hit me for another minute about what had happened. We almost died or gotten seriously injured.

I was thinking “Wow. If I was distracted. Or were a second late my friend and I would have died. That’s it. Game over.”

Looking back at the event I realized that human life is so fragile.

For no reason you could die in a second. All your work and experiences…gone.

I’m so grateful to simply be alive right now.

This event is the ultimate motivation to work and help others in life. My purpose is always related to others.

Even though there are many problems in this world it is nothing to fear.

Many problems = many solutions.



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