Depression & Anxiety in Everyday Life

Mark Metry
1 min readNov 2, 2017

It’s 2017 and 300 million people suffer from depression globally according to the World Health Organization.

Every day I see evidence of this around me. I live in Boston in a not so affluent neighborhood. I’m not judging anyone. Many people in this world are sick and in situations that are far beyond my comprehension.

On my college campus, it seems all my fellow classmates look severely tired and/or upset constantly.

Whenever I walk into a public place I see several people talking to themselves in a not so casual way.

Sometimes when I’m crossing the street numerous cars pull down their window and cuss me out. I can see the bitter resentfulness towards the world in their face.

I experience this on a daily basis and it is the ultimate motivation to do better in my own life. Don’t wait around for some charity to save the day because that will never happen.

If we want this world to improve all of us need to contribute and give to others on a daily basis. Help out your family, colleagues, and people you don’t even know on the street.

Start contributing, volunteering, and doing everyday things for people that can have an impact on someone’s life. Giving up some of your 1’s and 0’s in your bank account is nothing compared to the joy of giving to others.



Mark Metry

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