How VR is Helping the Broken Prison System

Dr. Raji Wahidy — Founder and CEO of Virtual Rehab
  • Enhancing inmates’ formal education — according to the U.S. Department of Justice, majority of inmates are educated at less than a sixth-grade reading level — to allow them to be released with higher qualifications. Formal education can be conducted through individualized learning plans where inmates can also learn at their own paces.
  • Vocational job training that will further assist them in development from a professional perspective.
  • Leverage advancement in technology for psychiatric rehab (cognitive behavioral therapy, reduction of stress, anxiety and phobias) rather than sitting down with a psychiatrist and feeling obligated to share things that they may not wish to share (an intimidating process).
  • Opportunity to experience real-life scenarios and have their actions and reactions be evaluated in a more environmentally friendly manner.
  • Less focus on punishment and more focus on learning.
  • Cost savings — no need to send inmates from one facility to another for certain training or particular rehab programs, and no need for one-on-one psychiatrist sessions, etc.
  • The consolidation of efforts into one space (room) rather than being engaged in multiple activities across different locations and at different timings (making the schedule easier to manage).
  • A lower number of altercations among inmates. When inmates are in a better state-of-mind, then their behavior will consequently improve dramatically.
  • Lowering the stress level of prison operations employees due to the lower number of inmates problems.
  • Improved relationship among prison operations employees and inmates (due to soft skills education provided through the VR educational curriculum).





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Mark Metry

Mark Metry

📖 Bestselling Author of Screw Being Shy 🎧 Global Top 100 Humans 2.0 Podcast 📺 Amazon Prime’s The Social Movement 🎤 Speaker featured in Forbes

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