I started winning for the first time when I realized that the feeling of “losing” is the first step towards winning at anything in life.

Yet, society teaches us that “winning” is an instant result, not a process or habit cultivated over the years (where you win and lose), if not decades of practice and mental resilience.

Losing is defined as “suffering, resulting in, or relating to defeat in a game or contest.”

For most of my life, I was told by the world that I was just a shy and a quiet introvert. It turns out I had social anxiety, which is one of the most common mental health issues in America that leads to substance abuse, social isolation, and suicide.

Society says the kid or person sitting alone at the library or cafeteria is doing so, because he or she is an introvert, and they like their solitude. That could be the case, and there’s nothing wrong with being an introvert…

But that person could also be sitting alone even though…

I’ve spoken to many admirable individuals on the Human 2.0 podcast that made for a very memorable experience. I decided I’d repurpose the lessons from episodes into a lineup article for people to benefit and learn from without listening to the entire episodes (even though you should).

1. The Key to Disrupting Industries is Disrupting Yourself First — Jay Samit

Somehow I got the chance to talk to the legendary Jay Samit, a serial disruptor. Jay’s been described by Wired magazine as “having the coolest job in the industry.”

“Embracing innovation has been a hallmark of Jay Samit’s career…and that’s the mindset all professionals should aspire to now. To successfully navigate today’s professional…

Technology is a neutral tool that extends humanity’s agency and will in the world. Technology can’t destroy the world. People can destroy the world.

“Writing will create forgetfulness in the learners’ souls, because they will not use their memories; they will trust to the external written characters and not remember of themselves.”

— Socrates

If the great philosopher Socrates was against the technology of writing…it’s safe to assume the latest and greatest LinkedIn influencer calling out VR, AI, IoT as a bad technology is just wrong.

Social media isn’t destroying children. Social media is an extension of who we are…

Originally published at www.vudream.com on November 22, 2017.

Virtual Reality is going to be huge. The current VR HMD situation is developing more and more every day.

Unfortunately, there isn’t as much as news about augmented reality as VR but even so, it’s still growing.

We assume that with AR & VR you need to wear a big gadget on your head that can be uncomfortable and is accessible to only one person at a time.

Which is why I’m glad to announce…..

Recently raising $5 million round of funding led by Lux Capital, Dolby Family Ventures, CrunchFund, and others…

Originally published at www.vudream.com.

“…indies skew their efforts far too far towards production and away from marketing: this is one of the reasons why so few games are a genuine commercial success…”

– Paul Taylor of Mode 7 Games

Game Studio: Hey Mark! We launched our game but we only have 5 downloads.

Mark: Did you guys create a website up to a month before?

Mark: Ok well did you create a YouTube…

Originally posted on LinkedIn


I love facing hardship and bad events. It took me a while to realize this about myself but I would rather be in pain than have everything go as planned!


I have learned to face the pain and use it for the development of my character. Without struggle, life is boring and meaningless.

I would like to share a wonderful perspective brought by Abraham Twerski. His video made me completely rethink the way I view stress.

The lobster is a soft creature that lives in a hard shell. When the lobster grows, its shell…

It’s 2017 and 300 million people suffer from depression globally according to the World Health Organization.

Every day I see evidence of this around me. I live in Boston in a not so affluent neighborhood. I’m not judging anyone. Many people in this world are sick and in situations that are far beyond my comprehension.

On my college campus, it seems all my fellow classmates look severely tired and/or upset constantly.

Whenever I walk into a public place I see several people talking to themselves in a not so casual way.

Sometimes when I’m crossing the street numerous cars pull…

Originally posted on LinkedIn

Yesterday I was taking a walk with one of my friends in Boston.

Toward the end of our trip we had to walk across a street. We waited for the crosswalk sign to tell us to walk. As we cross the street I look to my left and see a van coming toward us. Instead of braking sounds I hear the van accelerate rapidly.

Out of instinct my friend and I leap in front to dodge the van. There was a lady to our side that got her elbow brushed by the van.

The van drove…

Originally posted on LinkedIn

My relationship with notifications is always changing. I’m constantly looking for new ways to revamp how I get information.

2 years ago I owned a Moto 360 smartwatch. I loved it…for about a week. Nothing wrong with the watch. But, I’d get vibrating notifications on my wrist every 20 seconds.

I didn’t want to be taken away from reality that often. I noticed myself getting irritated and impulsive much more. I got rid of the watch and my life was much clearer.

At the beginning of last month, I also turned off my notifications on my…

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